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NDYAG Laser Hair Removal
Safe For All Skin Types
Fast – Comfortable- Effective

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with the latest Medical Grade technology in permanent hair reduction at MediDermic skin care clinic! The Fotona NDYAG Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne incorporates pulse-control technology and a three-dimensional treatment pattern to achieve significant, long-lasting results.

FRAC3 hair removal exhibits the lowest hair damage thresholds, making this treatment more comfortable. Permanent hair reduction that is gentle, fast, convenient, and suitable for all skin types.

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Only hair that is in the anagen stage of growth will be the focus of the procedure. The active growth stage, or anagen stage, occurs when the hair is connected to a blood supply. Not every hair is in the anagen stage; others are in many stages simultaneously.

What Is Frac3® Hair Removal?

The 1064 nm Nd:YAG FRAC3® method is optimized to deliver high intensity laser pulses in extremely short times of less than 2 ms, sufficiently short to destroy most hair types while avoiding unnecessary damage to the epidermis. Due to the relativelly low absorbtion in melanin, Nd:YAG laser treatments can be used safely and effectively even with darker skin types.

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Hassle-free, Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

At MediDermic, the skilled therapists have you covered for your permanent laser hair removal treatment and will consider your unique skin and hair characteristics to craft a custom plan for you. Our advanced lasers are designed to cover a broad treatment area, enabling simultaneous targeting of multiple hair follicles.

Tailored for sensitive skin, our Fotona NDYAG laser hair removal devices are advanced but also gentle enough for use on any body part and effective for various skin types, ensuring optimal results. Each of our lasers comes equipped with a dynamic cooling device to soothe, cool, and protect your skin during the treatment.

To achieve the best results, we typically suggest an initial series of 6-12 treatments, spaced out at monthly intervals. The progress and response to the treatment can vary from person to person, so we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of the clinicians at our laser hair removal clinic to discuss your specific needs.

What are the benefits of Fotona NDYAG Laser Hair Removal?
Fotona Laser Hair Removal
Frequently asked questions
Hair laser removal is increasingly recognised as one of the most effective methods for long-term hair reduction. While no laser clinic can guarantee 100% permanent hair removal, as some hairs may persistently attempt to grow back, the results are significantly long-lasting. Factors like hormonal changes and other individual biological aspects can influence hair re-growth, which varies from one person to another.
Typically, laser body hair removal is most effective for individuals with lighter skin and darker hair. However, thanks to advanced laser technology and specialised preparation products, our clinic can successfully treat a diverse range of skin and hair types. It’s important to note that permanent laser hair removal is less effective on blonde, red, grey, or white hair. We offer a complimentary consultation where your technician will evaluate your hair type and suitability for the treatment.
The laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle, so maintaining your skin’s natural pigmentation before and after treatments is vital. Exposure to the sun can heighten the risk of adverse reactions like burning, blistering, and changes in skin pigmentation. In some cases, these reactions can be permanent and impede your desired outcomes.

To prepare for your NDYAG Laser Hair Removal treatment in Melbourne, avoid sun exposure or tanning beds for 2 – 4 weeks prior to your initial appointment. It’s crucial to protect the treated area from sun exposure throughout your treatment plan. If you must be in the sun, apply sunscreen hourly.

Also Shave the treatment area 12-24 hours before your appointment.

Whether you’re opting for full body laser hair removal or a custom treatment, refrain from using artificial tanning products, including sprays, lotions, and bronzing powders or creams. These products can alter your natural skin tone and should be completely removed from the treatment area before your appointment.

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