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Laser Jowl Lift

A Non – ablative treatment which targets the jawline area by melting the fat deposit and encouraging the skin to stimulate new collagen and elastin.

This procedure is superficial and painless, however it provides a finer and more defined appearance to the jawline.

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Understanding the Laser Jowl Lift Procedure in Melbourne

Discover a fast and painless solution tailored to address nasolabial folds and the jowl area. Fotona Laser Jowl Lifting is a non-surgical treatment that employs advanced laser technology to firm and elevate the skin around the jawline, effectively diminishing the appearance of jowls. This procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production, resulting in tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

Fotona lasers are renowned for their dual-wavelength systems, combining Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers to deliver comprehensive skin treatment.

What Are The Steps Of Fotona Laser Jowl Lift?

STEP 1 Internal Approach

Smooth liftin: An intraoral treatment technique where the Er:YAG laser is used inside the mouth to tighten the skin around the jawline from within, enhancing collagen production and improving skin elasticity. It involves a pain free treatment which target volume through a process called collagen induction. Overall improvement of tightness with a plumping effect, much like a filler.

STEP 2 External Approach

PIANO® Mode: This mode uses the Nd:YAG lasers to provide prolonged pulse duration to deliver deep dermal heating without damaging the skin surface, promoting effective skin tightening and lifting. It involves heating the skin safely from the outside to achieve a more defined and youthful jawline with no downtime.

Frequently asked questions

A Laser Jowl Lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses Fotona laser technology to tighten sagging skin on the jowls and reduce the nasal labial folds.

The benefits of laser Jowl lift is a procedure that virtually requires no downtime, no pain and effective. Results are more defined jawline, reduced jowls & nasal labial folds and tighter skin.

Ideal candidates are those experiencing mild to moderate sagging in the jowls and lower face. During a consultation, a specialist will evaluate your suitability and explore alternative options if necessary.

The procedure typically takes about 45 minutes and requires no downtime.
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For non-surgical alternatives, Ultherapy and RF treatments are potential options. Injectable fillers and thread lifts can also be considered for mild sagging. In cases of more pronounced concerns, a surgical facelift may be advised.

Results may vary depending on individual factors such as aging and sun exposure, which can gradually cause some degree of loosening over time. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can aid in prolonging the effects. Typically, results last for approximately 12 months with regular maintenance required.

For optimal results, we highly recommend a series of 6 sessions with intervals of 3-4 weeks.
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