Laser jowl lift in Australia

What is a laser jowl lift?

Laser jowl lift

Laser jowl lift in Australia: Laser jowl lift is a new and non-invasive way to reduce jowl and beautify the jawline.

Basically, in this method, the extra fat under the chin and neck is melted and the skin becomes more even.

Laser jowl lift is done in two steps and removes excess fat and skin (either caused by aging or excessive weight loss).

In the first part of the treatment, the fat cells of the jowl area are targeted by laser energy.

This method is very suitable for people who do not want to have jowl lift surgery.

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It should be noted that this treatment does not cause any damage to blood vessels, nerve fibers, and other tissues.

A significant amount of fat can be lost with one treatment session.

In the second part, the sagging skin around the jaw, neck, and chest is treated using ultrasound energy.

This treatment makes the skin younger.

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What is a laser jowl lift?

Laser jowl lift uses a combination of laser energy and ultrasound energy to remove fat cells accumulated in the jowl and contour the jawline.

This method uses Class 3B laser technology to melt chubby fats.

When fat cells receive laser energy and heat up, cavities form in them, releasing their internal contents such as water, glycerol, and fatty acids.

In a few days after this operation, the contents of the fat cells are extracted from the body through the drainage system.

Not to mention, the results of this treatment will improve over time.

In the second part of the treatment, using a new technology of ultrasound waves,

the production of collagen in the skin is stimulated to improve the sagging of the skin and wrinkles, the contour of the neck and jaw, and the disappearance of the jowl.

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Who can do laser jowl lift?

Laser jowl lift is suitable for people whose diet and exercise do not affect body fat.

People who want to have younger skin and face, eliminate wrinkles and sagging neck skin,

and improve chest skin, are good people for laser jowl lift.

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Laser jowl lift procedure

This treatment is a quick, easy and painless method that does not even require local anesthesia.

The whole treatment process takes about 30 minutes, so it is very suitable for very busy people.

Ultrasound energy is completely painless and is something like a facial massage.

The volunteer feels a little warm during the treatment by applying laser energy to the neck and chin.

Ultrasound energy is also completely painless and is something like a facial massage.

After a laser jowl lift, the results of fat melting are immediately apparent and the texture and appearance of the skin will gradually improve over a week.

The Convalescence of laser jowl lift 

This treatment is completely non-invasive and has no recovery period.

This means that you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.

You do not need to take special care after the laser jowl lift.

In the meantime the results of this treatment improve over time and show themselves.

Some people’s skin may turn a little pink after this treatment, which resolves quickly.

Complications of laser jowl lift

Since this treatment is completely non-invasive and uses safe and known technologies to stimulate and revitalize the body’s natural repair system, it has no side effects and no report has been received so far.

Laser jowl lift results

Reducing fat under the chin and jowl and improving skin texture.

And elasticity is very effective in creating a fit and beautiful face.

so the results of this treatment are immediate and have high durability.

Eating a healthy diet and exercising will help the results of laser jowl lift to last longer.

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you have four sessions of laser jowl lift in the Medidermic skincare clinic.

Laser Jowl Lift